Here there be dragons…

... and the world of Midheim grows weary under their weight.

Reality is fraying at the edges. Nidhogg, the sire of all dragons, gnaws incessently at the roots of the World Tree, the central axis around which all of creation spins, endeavoring to topple it and send all the worlds tumbling out of existence. The dragons serve Nidhogg’s instinctual whims, spreading chaos and discord with their mere passing, each an elemental force of entropy in its own right.

Only a destined few can even look upon the least of dragons and retain their sanity. Only these few can hope to enter a dragon’s lair without their bodies warping and twisting as physical laws are altered in the presence of these beasts.

Midheim’s heroes are few, and its trials are many. Will you stand against the coming chaos?

Eventually, this will get organized into categories. At present it’s the GM’s brain-droppings about the setting, as he feels like writing about them.



The Order of the Thorn






Children of Nidhogg